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Unpacking After Your Move

by | 7th Apr, 2021

After a long, stressful move, the only thing on your mind is probably finishing, which is why you need an efficient system to guide you through the process. Running around the house like a chicken with your head cut off, picking and choosing what gets pulled out will leave your home a mess and nothing accomplished. Stick to a gameplan and move room-to-room to avoid unnecessary hassle while unpacking your home.

Start Unpacking

The first step to unpacking is getting everything inside. In a perfect world, you have already created an inventory sheet to complement all of the boxes you packed. If not, simply refer to the box label to figure out which rooms they belong to. After distributing the boxes to their designated rooms, start unpacking.
The first room that should be unpacked is the kitchen, setting up anything you will need to cook. Stick to the necessities and plan the room as you unpack to avoid pulling too much out before you’re ready for it. Planning the room will give you an idea of how the room will look without over-cluttering the room. Work your way to the bedroom and main bath, continuing to only unpack the necessities at first.
Once you have what you need out and positioned in place, unpack the rest of your belongings box by box, clearing one room at a time in order of use. This means that spare bedrooms and extra living areas will be unpacked last to get your most lived-in areas set up and ready for use first.

Helpful Tips

Giving your home a little bit of personalization while unpacking in the form of decorations and entertainment setup will make you feel more at ease during the move-in phase. Giving yourself an outlet to get away from the unpacking will boost your mood and productivity, so throw some music on and hang some pictures.
While unpacking, make sure to collect trash as you go for an easy cleanup at the end. Keeping a large box taped together serves as a great recycling bin and you can keep one wherever you are unpacking. Breaking down and consolidating boxes as you make your way through the house will clear space and set you up for an easy disposal.
Once you have put up the essentials and have time to take a breath, start anticipating the different projects you will need to complete. Some projects, such as replacing outlet covers or installing shelf paper may be easier before you are totally unpacked.


Unpacking with a plan will be the most effective way to move into home, allowing you to take on your move-in step by step. Start with the most important rooms and move into the less frequently visited areas once you have a home set up in the rest of the living space. If you follow a few easy tips, you can take the stress out of unpacking and finally start enjoying your new home.

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