Refer to a Friend

Become our partners today and find out how you can earn extra money while assisting your clients or residents.

If you are a Real Estate agent, landlord, or superintendent, please email our team at and we will reach out as soon as possible to discuss potential partnerships. By partnering with Asata moving, you can benefit from your referrals while guaranteeing your customer or resident the perfect move. We strive to make moving easy for both partners and the referred party.

Because of the fast paced-always moving energy at Asata, we are an exciting and dynamic company to work with. We have incredible conditions for our partners, creating long lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships. When a bad referral can cost you business, make sure that you give your partnership to the best moving company in Brooklyn and avoid the upset of disappointed clients.

Why partner with Asata moving?
Each time you provide a moving company referral, your reputation is also on the line. With something as serious as your professional career, you can only trust the best. That is why Asata strives to provide excellent service and a seamless move every time, making sure your referral fee doesn’t cost you future business.