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Alex is a true professional. From the first communication to showing up at the exact time we agreed to (7 am!) and packing up all my items…everything was smooth. I had a couple more pieces to move than originally discussed and it was not a problem. Would recommend this company and use them again. Thank you thank you !!

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    Up Front And Honest NYC Movers

    At Asata moving, we believe in sticking to our original quote so you avoid the hidden fees mileage costs from other companies. We are licensed, insured, and ready to provide you with a comfortable moving experience. Our courteous and professional team is devoted to providing an effortless and convenient relocation, no matter what the situation.

    With Asata Moving, you get:

    • Flat-rate, honest pricing
    • Guaranteed Protection on your personal items
    • No Hidden Fees
    • Inside-Knowledge Of The Area
    • Stress Free NYC Moving Experience

    NYC Movers

    New York City, with its overcrowded streets and mile-high apartment complexes, can be a cumbersome place to move. While the idea of living there is very exciting, a move can quickly become stressful if you don’t have the right tools and information.

    Moving to NYC requires some serious planning. The weather changes drastically by season and planning an efficient route through New York without extensive experience will undoubtedly end in trouble due to low clearances, narrow paths, and restricted roads. Why put yourself through the unnecessary stress and headaches when you can hire Asata Moving and have NYC’s best plan, pack, and deliver your belongings with a satisfaction guarantee?

    Moving with Asata eliminates stress from:

    • Weather changes
    • Complicated routes
    • Packing (and not breaking) your belongings
    • Preparing furniture to move
    • Vehicle changes (Due to bridges and narrow paths)
    • Expensive moving materials
    • Heavy lifting
    • Dreadful packing

    For the New York newcomer, it can quickly become a mess. The best way to avoid the additional stress of moving is to hire knowledgeable, localized movers. Localized movers offer the most experience-backed knowledge to help you tackle this transition.

    Asata Movers is based in NYC, so we walk the walk and talk the talk every day. We’re here to help you. Our expertise, commitment to service, and transparent pricing are in place to smooth out the moving worries so you can settle in and savor your first bite of the Big Apple.Whether you need to relocate from around the block or from another state, Asata Moving is the best choice for the job with 24/7 support and the highest-quality service available.

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      How To Pack For A Move

      How To Pack For A Move

      If you are planning on a move, make things easier on yourself and...

      Explore Your New Career with Asata, NYC’s Moving Experts

      NYC Movers Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the difference between local and long-distance moving?

      Generally speaking, the biggest difference between the two types of moves is the price and distance covered. While moving locally can still be expensive, transferring between states or even across a large state can be even more costly. These moves also require more planning, so be sure to schedule any moving services needed well in advance to prevent mover unavailability or a rushed move. If your moving company does not specialize in these moving situations, you could be heavily overcharged and your belongings may not be in the best hands. Trusted New York City movers like Asata can add convenience and transparent pricing for any move you are planning. Distance increases the importance of a quality moving company in order for you to prevent unnecessary stress and cost, especially when moving to a fast-paced and unfamiliar place.

      What is considered a local move?

      Typically, most NYC moving companies consider local moves to be under 50 miles from departure to destination. While these moves are shorter than their long-distance and intra-state counterparts, any relocation is stressful, and packing for them typically remains the same. Localized movers like Asata can help you navigate through your new neighborhood and prevent confusion during the transition. These moves are much more common than long-distance moving and are usually less expensive, so don’t be intimidated by pricing before talking with an NYC moving company. Call Asata for transparent quotes from a quality New York mover.

      What is considered a long-distance move?

      Long-distance moving is anything outside of the local limitations. After 50 miles, many moving companies will categorize your move as long distance. While they may seem intimidating, if you give your NYC moving company sufficient notice, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. When planned properly, long-distance moving can be just as easy as local. Using an experienced moving company will make the transition all the easier.

      How much much does it cost to hire movers for a local move?

      When moving locally, NYC moving companies will typically charge based on the number of belongings you are relocating as well as the resources needed to move them. Long-distance moves are typically priced based on the distance you are traveling or the mileage involved. Because the distance covered is short, the cost will usually be much less and based on the physical effort and materials used to move between locations. Boxes, packing supplies, and labor are the biggest factors of local moving. Most of the packing procedures will remain the same for any move if done by professionals, so that is where the majority of your moving budget will go. Based on the size of the living area and the amount being packed, your NYC movers will create a price estimate specifically for your local move. The professionals at Asata Moving can help you figure out an accurate and dependable price estimate for your move, so call before stressing over your NYC move.

      How much much does it cost to hire movers for a long-distance move?

      As expected, moving long distances can be much more expensive than a local move. While these moves can cost anywhere between $2400 and $5000, the only way to receive an accurate estimate is to contact a professional moving company and request an estimate. By speaking with NYC movers, you can find more accurate pricing information regarding your long-distance move.

      Mileage will be the most important factor of a long-distance move, so traveling further can add up fast unless you move with Asata. Our moving prices include 0 hidden fees and 0 shuttle costs, so it doesn’t matter where you are going, we have you covered for one low cost. Asata’s flat-rate moving lets you go anywhere without the stress of mileage costs.

      It is imperative that you plan out your trip ahead of time and give moving companies plenty of notice to avoid added fees or frustration. Be sure to book NYC movers in advance to avoid being left without a moving company or having to compromise for another moving company.

      Why is it hard to move to New York?

      Due to the fast-paced, packed-in lifestyle found in many parts of New York, it can be intimidating and almost impossible to navigate through. For most who are coming in without prior knowledge of the city, NYC movers are needed to help make your transition smooth. New York can be overwhelming through the eyes of a visitor, let alone someone who is trying to relocate there. A professional moving service lets you relax and take in the new environment, whether you are in a new block or a different state.

      By enlisting the help of Asata Moving company, New York movers can help you navigate the new terrain and avoid lugging boxes up flights of stairs or down busy streets. Asata knows the ins and outs of New York as a localized NYC mover and has the expertise to provide a smooth transition into your new home or business. Talk to our professionals today and start planning your local or long-distance move in New York City.

      How Much Should You Tip Your NYC Movers?

      You do not have an obligation to tip your New York City movers, however, the customary tipping amount is 20-30%. The tip amount for your Long-distance or local NYC move should be based on the service excellence provided.

      How Long Do NYC Movers Take To Pack?

      The exact amount of time it takes for our NYC moving company to pack your belongings will depend on the amount and size of the belongings that need to be relocated. Here is the typical timeframe that is needed for New York’s best movers to pack for your move:

      One-bedroom move: Up to 3 hours

      Two-bedroom move: 3 to 5 hours

      Three and four-bedroom move: Up to 7 hours

      Asata specializes in local and long-distance moving and has extensive experience in the NYC moving business. Their high caliber service and affordable, flat-rate pricing make this moving company the best in New York City and surrounding areas. Call today and get a free quote on our guaranteed-safe NYC moving service.