Moving Charges

How to avoid unnecessary charges during your move

Planning a move in Brooklyn, or New York in general, can leave you with outrageous costs. Asata Moving is dedicated to providing our customers with the tools needed for a successful moving experience, whether it be down the street or across the country. We offer everything from boxes and packing supplies to our national moving service. No matter what move you are planning, Asata has the experience and knowledge to get you to your destination.

Purchasing supplies can be costly and confusing. By talking with our expert moving team, you can determine exactly what is needed to pull off the perfect move. We have everything you need to plan ahead and save.

When you hire Asata, you are purchasing peace of mind. Dealing with unprofessional moving companies can lead to scamming, overcharging and an overall unsuccessful move. When you enlist the help of Asata Moving, you can be sure that the results will be cost effective and your belongings will survive the trip.

Are you thinking about tackling your move without a professional service? Shop our professional moving supplies and see how you can save on your upcoming move.

Bubble wrap/Shrink wrap

Moving is stressful, so why wouldn’t you take the load off where you can? Stock up on the right supplies before your move to avoid headaches later on.

View our products and see the difference.


What is the difference between stretch wrap and shrink wrap?

Stretch wrap is applied tightly around a group of products, covering the group with several layers. The elasticity of stretch wrap causes the items to pull tight and secure as one.Shrink wrap however is applied loosely to a similar grouping and uses heat to shrink the material. Once the wrap shrinks, items are pulled together in the same manner as before.

When should I use shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is used to keep items grouped together, so with items such as plates, you can separate them with a newsprint and then wrap them to ensure a safe journey. By shrink wrapping your items you can prevent most movement, so fragile items as well as furniture with delicate surfaces can be wrapped.


The tape used to pack your personal belongings may not matter much while packing, however once the boxes start to get loaded you will want to trust that the boxes stay together. With low quality tapes found in many other places, customers often experience broken boxes, items falling and an overall unpleasant experience.

With the right equipment for the job, your move can be much less stressful. By using quality tape like ours during your move, you have one less thing to worry about during your Brooklyn moving experience.Made with quality materials, the products found at Asata stand up to any move, allowing you to focus on more important things. Check out our top quality products and put your trust in the same high grade supplies used by the movers themselves.

Shop here to find everything you need to have a safe and stress free trip, whether you are moving across the street or across the world.

Packing paper/Newsprint

Packing paper is a great option to pack fragile items. By securely wrapping your breakable things like plates and glasses, you can add protection to your packed boxes. Check out our products and see what the professionals use to provide a successful move every time.


Why should I use packing paper or newsprints?

Packing paper and newsprint provide a simple and effective way to protect your fragile items during a move. Hen packing, you should use these for glasses and breakable items to stop items from cracking, chipping and breaking. By packing the right way, you can move with confidence knowing your belongings will make it to their destination.

How do I use packing paper?

Packing paper can be used in various ways. By crumpling the paper, you can create a bumper or barrier in a box, or use it to fill glasses and add security. You can also use it in between plates or glasses to separate them.

Mattress Cover King

Don’t let your king size mattress get ruined during your Brooklyn move. Asata Moving has the right supplies for your trip at great prices. By bringing professional quality to our customers, we will put you at ease knowing that your mattress meets you clean and ready for its next use.


Why is a king mattress cover important?

Moving can bring unexpected turns, and your mattress is an expensive item to gamble on. By covering your mattress properly, you prevent dirt, bacteria, and moisture from attaching to the surface during your trip. While traveling, an exposed mattress can rip and tear as well, making a quality cover an important part of every pros moving supplies.

Can I make my own cover?

While it is possible to cover a mattress with other materials, it may be less expensive and potentially more expensive. Blankets, seran wrap, or tarps are often used in place of covers, but none of these options provide the water resistant, full coverage of king mattress covers. Because the king mattress covers sold by Asata moving are made of a durable plastic, they can be made cheaper and stronger than many other options.

Book Box 17”x 12 ½”x12 ½

Asata Moving’s high quality book boxes provide excellent protection from dirt and moisture.

Why do I need book boxes?

When moving, it is easy to over pack boxes when trying to get everything situated, and this leads to damaged goods. Our book boxes give you added strength and durability in a small, easily managed space. Because the weight added by a box full of books can cause a lot of strain, it is important to use the right materials while packing and prevent costly mistakes. Asata knows that your choice in boxes can make a big difference during your move, so we only offer the best supplies to ensure you have a successful trip.

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How many books will a book box hold?

On average, over 20 books can be packed into the 17”x 12 ½”x12 ½ boxes provided by Asata. This allows customers to easily pack their entire collection without the fear of your packing coming undone.

Small linen box

Providing customers with 1.5 cubic feet of storage area, Asata Moving’s small linen boxes are an essential part of any New York moving plan. With our durably constructed linen box, you receive the perfect amount of storage for smaller items, allowing them to be securely packed and labeled for transport. Stock up on our small linen boxes and save yourself a trip later on to grab low quality boxes at the last minute of your move.

Asata’s small linen boxes allow the customer to store a variety of items including candles, tools, cleaning supplies or clothing items. The professional quality of the boxes we sell allows for more of the heavy items you need moved to be packed. The design of Asata’s small linen box lets you safely store anything that fits, from tools to glassware. Find out why we are a trusted name across New York and shop with Asata for your upcoming move.

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Large linen box

If you are taking on the weight of a move without professional assistance, finding the right packing materials will be crucial. Asata moving’s large linen boxes are essential for clothing, towels and so much more. Save on the amount of boxes needed for your move and grab plenty of large boxes before starting your Brooklyn relocation. Whether you are moving down the block or out of state, you can depend on the quality of our packing supplies.

At Asata moving, we take pride in selling professional quality moving supplies for a seamless transition into your new living space. By giving our customers top quality materials, they can avoid the hassle of broken or damaged boxes that result in ruined belongings. We know the value of quality moving supplies and strive to bring them to you at an affordable price. For questions regarding your upcoming Brooklyn move please contact us and avoid costly mistakes when you receive answers from the pros at Asata.

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Dish Packing Box (China Box)

Pack the smart way by using Asata’s premium dish saving boxes during your move.

At Asata Moving, we thrive on successful moves, which is why we only provide the highest quality packing supplies for your upcoming move. Our dish packing box provides extra security to fragile items, ensuring that your breakables can be packed tightly and cushioned. With sturdy, professional quality and easy labeling, Asata moving’s boxes are a valuable tool during any Brooklyn moving experience.

Avoid the unnecessary stress of scavenging for supplies during a packing frenzy. Plan out your upcoming move with Asata to skip the headaches and panic. Stock up on all the moving supplies you will need and pack like the professionals.


How do I pack a dish box?

There is no right or wrong way to pack boxes, but we have some tips to help pack for your upcoming move. Pack the heaviest items towards the bottom of your dish box, Separating the dishes or glasses with packing paper. Ensure that items are vertically stacked, ensuring that a barrier is made between any hard, fragile surfaces. If dishes have room to shift inside the box, consider filling unused space with bubble wrap or extra packing paper.

Wardrobe Box

Our wardrobe boxes allow customers to pack their hanging items and transfer them from one closet directly to the next. Avoid having to iron, re-dry and steam clothes after your arrival with Asata Moving’s professional quality wardrobe boxes. Perfect for extended trips, these boxes allow you to remove hanging items individually so that they can still be easily accessed. Stock up now to make packing your clothing simpler this trip.

Trying to move a large amount of clothing can be time consuming, especially when the clothes later have to be restored from their wadded up or wrinkled state. By allowing our customers to leave clothing vertically hanging, they can stop wasting time on extra laundry. Apply the convenience of Asata’s wardrobe boxes to your upcoming Brooklyn move and remove unnecessary stress. We know that there are numerous other things to worry about while packing, and your clothes shouldn’t be one of them.

Shop Asata Moving’s professional collection of supplies to save time and hassle during your upcoming move. Don’t wait until your move is in motion, talk to our experts and figure out exactly what you need.

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