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Moving Insurance

by | 7th Apr, 2021

When planning your next move, don’t be one of the people who overlook the value of moving insurance, especially if you aren’t sure what this coverage can provide to your move. While quality moving companies will offer insurance at no additional cost, they may not provide total coverage if something were to happen. By purchasing additional insurance for your upcoming move, you could potentially save yourself from a severe loss before you can get moved in. Moving insurance is third-party protection that applies to all insured items while you are in the process of moving. This policy extends the coverage provided by moving companies and keeps the entire value of your belongings shielded in most cases. While coverage options vary between moving insurance providers, policies typically offer protection against natural disasters, theft, and accidents. Be sure to your moving insurance 48 hours before packing to secure your rates and acquire any necessary paperwork.

Do I Need Protection During My Move?

Homeowners’ and renters’ policies may not cover moving insurance, so check with your provider before jumping into a move without insurance. Relying on moving company coverage or your homeowners’ policy may leave you unable to replace your household goods in the event of a catastrophe.
It would be nice to think that mistakes and fraud never happen, but the truth is things happen and it’s best to be prepared for when they do. Moving insurance allows customers to stay protected through a third-party insurer, so if anything were to happen, you and any insured belongings will be cared for. Insurances will often offer 100% coverage on everything listed for up to 90 days (depending on which provider you choose). These policies can even cover “Acts of God ”, including tornados, lightning strikes, and flooding. If you have any doubt that purchasing insurance for your valuable belongings is worth it, ask someone who has experienced a moving mishap.

Risk vs Reward

While it is hard to justify purchasing something you may never need, finding the right coverage eliminates the gamble of being caught off guard during your move. Pricing on moving insurance policies is based on the distance traveled, duration, and total value of the protected household goods. Explore different insurance options and choose a reliable insurance provider that will accommodate your requirements. The hope is that you will never need your moving insurance, however, life is full of plot twists, and not having adequate coverage could be detrimental. In most cases, if you are moving any further than across town, moving insurance is the smart choice, providing security against the unknown. Anything can happen, and not preparing would be like driving without insurance. Insurance may seem like a ripoff that would never be needed, but countless movers have been saved by the added protection that it provides.


While the stats say moving insurance is the right option for the majority of people, only you can decide if the safety net is worth it. Variable insurance plans through different moving insurance providers let you find the ideal plan to suit your needs without breaking the bank. If the value of your household goods is higher than the amount covered through the moving company or other insurances, consider purchasing moving insurance to fill in the gap.

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