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Moving During Coronavirus

by | 24th Apr, 2021

The pressures of moving can already seem like a lot to handle, but throwing a pandemic into the mix? That can terrify many individuals, and discourage some from accomplishing their move. With the correct precautions, you can remain safe while moving during coronavirus.

Moving Locally

Moving locally requires far less effort on the logistics side of things, but there are still things that you could be doing to make your move safer. By staying away from recycled boxes or packing materials, you can potentially cut down on many of the airborne contaminants that are of concern. Spraying the materials with disinfectant, and wiping down any rental equipment will also reduce the germs you are exposed to.
If you are moving your belongings, all you have to do is make it to the destination and unpack, assuming your new living arrangements are clean. Try to schedule a deep cleaning of your new residence before your arrival, and touch up when you get there to ensure proper hygiene in your new living space. If anyone needs to be met, try to do so virtually.

Moving Out of State

Moving out of state can be more of a challenge when you are concerned about your health and exposure to COVID, but you can drastically reduce your risk with proper planning. Check local guidelines and safety mandates while planning your stops, which will let you keep to the destinations that are compliant with current health advisories. Pack as many of your meals as possible, and only stop when necessary. At your scheduled stops, apply safe practices and sanitize whenever possible.

Using A Moving Service

Using a moving service during coronavirus is still a reliable, safe way to transport your belongings. Contact your moving company to communicate any concerns and safely plan your move with professionals. By calling and discussing their health policies, you can determine whether or not you are comfortable using a moving service.

Should You Move During Coronavirus?

Moving during coronavirus can be safely done, but high-risk individuals should take extra precautions. Because moving requires some form of contact with others, you may be at risk during your trip. Ask your healthcare provider and discuss defensive measures that you can take before the move.

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