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How To Pack For A Move

by | 22nd Oct, 2021

If you are planning on a move, make things easier on yourself and learn how to properly pack your belongings. Despite what you may believe, there is a process behind moving, and efficiency comes with practice and attention to detail. How you pack will make things much easier or more difficult when it’s time to move in.

How To Pack Clothes In Moving

The easiest way to pack clothing is to use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes and medium-large boxes for your foldable items. The wardrobe boxes will let you keep your closet clothes on the hanger and ready for storage when you arrive. Because folded clothes are already compact, just make sure that everything is neatly folded and start packing. Remember, however you store your belongings is how they will arrive for your unpacking, and messy/wrinkled clothes are not what you want to move in with. Avoid anything bigger than a large moving box for clothes storage, as your garments will quickly become heavy and can potentially break if too much is placed together.

How To Pack Books When Moving

When storing books for your move, it’s best to use reinforced boxes due to the weight of most reading materials. Small boxes will usually work as well, but will not provide the same sturdiness and protection as a reinforced book box.

Regardless of your packing materials, you will want to separate books with some sort of packing material or group them tight enough to eliminate movement. Shifting within the box can cause damage, so be sure to wrap any valuable books and store them towards the top.

How To Pack Shoes When Moving

There are numerous ways to safely transport shoes, but you should always start by consolidating wherever you can. Flip flops and other open shoes can typically slide within each other, minimizing the space they take up. After you’re done condensing your shoes, wrap any pairs that are susceptible to scratching. You can use plastic wrap, dress socks, or plastic bags to encompass your shoes, preventing them from rubbing and scratching.

As you wrap the shoes, tightly pack them into a semi-shallow box to avoid over-stacking. Try not to avoid packing several pairs on one another, as you may end up with squashed shoes.

How To Pack Dishes When Moving

Dishes and glassware require more delicacy than most items in your home, but they only require a bit more packing material to keep safe. The ideal way to pack dishes is to get dish boxes, which are divided with cardboard strips to prevent bumping and shifting. Use packing paper or bubble wrap to secure the dishes before placing them into the box for the safest packing technique.

Let Someone Else Pack For You

All of the packing tips in the world will not amount to the years of experience that moving teams have. With a professional moving crew, you can relax, instruct, and worry about the bigger picture. Our expert movers let you determine what they pack, so you can have everything taken care of (with the exception of your excluded items), and have you packed up faster than you would have thought possible. We bring the materials, muscles, and skills to guarantee a successful, fast moving experience.


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