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Q. Asata Moving is insured? Can you provide COI (certificate of insurance) for my building?

A. Yes, Asata Moving is fully licensed and insured. We can get you the certificate for any building, you only have to send us the requirements and we’ll do it for you at the same day.

Q. Do you provide visual in-home estimates?

A. Yes we do provide free in-home estimates you can set up an appointment online in 30 seconds on the Home Page.

Q. Do you have a storage?

A. Yes, we do provide storage service as well, whether it’s a long term or a short term. Even if you have a small studio apartment or 5 bedroom house we will fit everything in our climate controlled storage units and they are under video surveillance 24/7.

Q. Do you provide car shipping?

A. We are don't provide ourselves car shipping, but we can help with that and referred to one of our partners who is one of the best car shipping company, that they will help you ship your car and also you will get great price if you will tell them that you was referred by Asata! Ask one our customer support team for any additional information.

Q. How much to tip movers?

A. Standard tips for Movers is between 20-30%, depends how you like the service.

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